Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy means working with a human being, not with a problem


In yoga therapy diagnosis and further work with the client is performed from the perspective of yoga. Therefore, we use such tools as: asanas (yoga positions), pranayama (breathing techniques), yoga nidra (relaxation techniques), meditation, visualization, changing habits, nutrition, etc. These techniques are adapted to the individual condition and needs of the client.

This form of therapy takes into account all aspects of human life, i.e. lifestyle, general health, emotional state, diet, sleep quality, breathing patterns, habits, relationships with the environment and general energy level. We look at the human being as a whole, not just a sick liver or a sore spine.

It is not medicine, but in this form of therapy we do rely on anatomical, physiological or psychological knowledge.
Yoga therapy does not have to be a long process if you’re willing to get involved.

Yoga is a powerful tool which works gradually and therefore safely. It has been scientifically proven that yoga helps in many health issues. Please have a look at the list of 101 diseases (as of 2016), for which the positive effect of yoga has been examined and scientifically proven.

What does a yoga therapy session look like?
We start with an interview that includes health history. Then I check your body posture, gait, range of movement and breathing. Based on the intake, I adapt the appropriate tools to your needs. Each session lasts from 60 to 90 minutes depending on your level of energy and overall condition on a given day. You’ll also get simple exercises to do at home.

How many sessions do I need?
It all depends on the type of problem and how long have you been living with it. A lot also depends on your commitment as this is our joint work on improving your overall condition. You will certainly feel better already after the first session.


Place: Cenrtum Joga, Bracka 22 St. # 12, 2nd floor in Warsaw or in exceptional cases, e.g. if you are a mom soon after childbirth, at your house in Warsaw.