“This is an ancient Japanese method of pressure with thumbs and hands.

The word shiatsu, consisting of “shi” (fingers) and “atsu” (pressure), means the method of healing diseases through pressure of the fingers.

The pressure is applied along the energy channels – meridians located near the nervous system. The pressure of the hands brings the source of life to action.

We – the Europeans – would like to justify shiatsu treatments and assign them to known biological mechanisms. But whoever studies and performs this original eastern method of shiatsu will realize that the intentions of this practice are slightly different.

Shiatsu is a therapeutic treatment based on the eastern medical thought, closely related to the culture of the East, which presents the approach to health that is fundamentally different the western concept. This form of massage takes into account the flow of subtle energy in the body. Its aim is to restore the balance of the whole system, in its internal and external aspects. Eastern understanding of human health and organism is much more comprehensive. The state of health is considered good when all energy structures (also called bodies or sheats) belonging to the physical, mental and spiritual spheres are in equilibrium. These three spheres are considered to be inseparable, interrelated and inherently energetic in nature. The treatment triggers and then maintains man’s own self-healing power.

The eastern medical knowledge taps on various points on the meridians, as well as the entire meridians and the pressure of these areas. Whenewhere an illness occurs, the root cause of it is sought and the restoration of harmony of the organism.

The philosophy of eastern medicine emphasizes the close interdependence between the physical body, mind and mental body and the energy-binding structure called the body of life energy.

The shiatsu technique involves a relaxed, yet strong and focused pressure applied on a patient’s body, in which therapists use their own weight of the body. The technique fascilitates opening the patient’s body to the healing effect of pressure, causing the movement of his own healing energy to equilibrium state.

The shiatsu method emphasizes bringing back the balance to the meridians (…) it also points to spiritual and emotional problems and suggests ways of overcoming them.

Shiatsu massage:

  • safely improves the movement apparatus,
  • removes states of fatigue and exhaustion, also helps in depression, helps to alleviate stress and ailments,
  • nourishes and balances the nervous system,
  • boosts immunity, calms, cures illnesses,
  • restores energy balance and harmonizes the body,
  • harmonizes the flow of energy in the body,
  • may be applied prophylactically to maintain health,
  • stimulates the self-healing powers of the organism,
  • increases the self-awareness of one’s inner life. “

The text was written by Anna Romanowska (

Centrum Joga at 22 Bracka Street.