Prema Foundation

Prema Foundation

Prema is a word derived from Sanskrit, which means love or feeling. The word refers to pure, honest and unconditional love for all beings.
Yoga Therapy
Yoga therapy means working with a human being, not with a problem   In yoga therapy diagnosis and further work with the client is performed from the perspective of yoga. Therefore, we use such tools as: asanas (yoga...
Yoga Classes
I have a therapeutic approach in my classes and make sure that my students practice in a safe way. Individually or in groups, you can always count on precise cuing and practice tailored to your abilities. We can have classes...
“This is an ancient Japanese method of pressure with thumbs and hands. The word shiatsu, consisting of “shi” (fingers) and “atsu” (pressure), means the method of healing diseases through pressure of the fingers. The pressure...

My mission

I support and facilitate your process to regain balance and well-being through breath, movement, relaxation and massage. I use the variety of tools that yoga has to offer and supplement them with the healing shiatsu massage.

The proper breath, movement and relaxation techniques have a positive effect on the body and mind. Because the mind is not something that functions in isolation from the body, something that is simply “suspended” somewhere in our head, as our Western civilization seems to believe. Body and mind are one and influence each other. It is difficult to be in a good mental state if we suffer physically – and vice versa.
Thanks to these techniques, the level of our self-awareness increases. And this in turn allows us to take the first step towards changing ourselves, our habits, nutrition and, ultimately – our life.


If you want to contact me to discuss cooperation, schedule yoga classes, yoga therapy session, massage, please send me an e-mail:
I am replying to emails within a maximum of 48 hours. If after this time you have no answer, please write again, maybe the reason is the problem with the mail.